The speakers

Join our sessions with experts and find out how we can work together to create a more ethical tech world.
Morning session
11:00- 11:30 " Your data self"
Louisa Simons and Martin Head. Corsham Institute

Louisa Simons is the Chief Operating Officer at Corsham Institute.and Martin Head is the Programme Director, Communities and Director of Content at Corsham Institute.

Corsham Institute is an educational charity committed to supporting people to develop digital skills alongside life skills such as creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. Identifying digital skills gaps across the UK workforce, the Institute  works in in partnership with communities, businesses and other organisations we develop programmes to close the gaps. 

Their mission is to find the most effective ways for people to learn, adapt and thrive in our continuously changing digital world. 


11:30- 12 "The Unintended Consequences of technology"
Sam Brown
Programme Manager at Doteveryone

Sam is currently a Programme Manager at Doteveryone focused on Responsible Technology and the Tech Industry. Sam recently moved to London from the tech industry in Canada where she spent several years working within FinTech in internal communications and strategy.


She was also a National Business and Human Rights Coordinator for Amnesty International Canada for almost a decade, working on many campaigns related to business accountability frameworks.

12:00-12:30 "Who do we trust with Data?"
Leigh Dodds 
Data Infrastructure Programme Lead at
Open Data Institute

Leigh has 17 years of experience working in a variety of technology focused roles including software engineer, product manager, technical consultant and CTO. Leigh spent 10 years working in the publishing industry dealing with data integration and management issues.

Afternoon session
14:00-14:30 Three small robots and their dream to feed the world
Ben Scott-Robinson
Co- Founder Small Robot Company

Ben Scott-Robinson is a digital innovator of 20 years. Currently one of two co-founders of The Small Robot Company in addition Ben is also the tutor on mobile and social strategy for Google's Squared Online Digital Innovator course, running live remote classes for up to 120 people.


Ben has founded two agencies, two consultancies, an app start-up and a phone for blind people. He has held the role of Creative Director, Experience Director, Head of Innovation, and Head of Brilliant.

Ben has been in the Drum Magazine’s Mobile Top 50 for two years running, in the Digerati Top 100 and won Experience Innovator of the Year.

14:30-15:00 "Keeping children safe online"
Joanne Bocko
Cyber Protect Officer Avon and Somerset Police

Joanne Bocko is a Cyber Protect Officer for Avon and Somerset Police. As an ex-teacher and with 4 years’ experience in victim care and safeguarding, she has a passion for working with young people and parents, helping them work together to the reduce the risk of online crime.

Her talk aims to empower parents to re-engage with their children around areas of online safety, giving them the confidence to identify social media features and risks, the tools to enable security features and an awareness of the challenges young people face online.


Moderator: Ben Byford. Machine Ethics Podcast

AI ethicist, web designer, games developer, artist, teacher, space maker


Passionate about AI and ethics, web technologies, and entrepreneurship; focussing on the usage of technology as a tool for innovation and creativity. 


Author the Machine Ethics Podcast, which consists of interviews with academics, writers, technologists and business people on the theme of AI and autonomy.