Kids and Family zone
Saturday 9th November 10am -4 pm
Lower Ground floor
1 Institute of Physics: Lego Mindstorms Activities
2. University of Bristol: Thinking Futures Creative Workshop
3. Bristol BioEnergy Centre: EcoBot II
4. University of Bristol: Quantum Computing Demo
5. BSL: Augmented Reality and Colouring Activities
6. Designability: Inclusive Design workshop
7. Miro-E a programmable Robot-Dog
Glass Room
8. Airbus: E-Fan X interactive model and apprenticeship scheme
Meeting Room 1
9. Lloyds Bank Academy : 
11:00 12: 00  Staying Safe Online Workshop
13:30 -14:30  Staying Safe  Online Workshop  
Ground Floor
10. Rocketmakers: Virtual and Augmented Reality Launchpad
11. The University of West of England: Thymio Robots and Virtual Reality
12. Zebra by Design
13. The Critical Literacy Project
14. Cyber Security Associates.
15. Code Club
16. Badminton School: Science Display
17. CFMS: Virtual Reality experiences